Monitoring Examples

Below you can find Examples of some Use Cases.
Please note, these Examples can be used for every Data need regardless
where is it coming from - your Data sources can be there as well!

Computing Performance; Top Executive View.

End-User Performance; Web site Availability:

Platform Event Management; Smart Alarms:

Cloud View Service

We offer Managed Services that consists of Performance and Availability Monitoring Service including Support and Incident Management for Customer, also even on 24/7 basis. All above type of Tools are utilized in providing the Service.

  • In-depth Performance Analysis of your Cloud Instances and Operating Systems

  • End-user Performance Analysis for your websites, enterprise services, and your X.509 security certificates validity

  • A complete Managed Services Support Package including service incident management

If you are looking for an excellent Service, this is for you. With this Service, you can also review your systems status and serviceability, even if you have outsourced system maintenance. 

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