All equipment and systems generate data more and more every day. At the same time, importance of data grows at least as much. The significant question for every organization is, can we utilize that data and make it more valuable in decision making?

Data Analysis can give you facts about systems performance, customer behavior, goods movement, status of devices, weather - the list is endless as are the sources of data.

The great thing of Kronometrix Solution is that we can use the same tool set to analyze all kind of data despite where is it from. Our experts have experience of finding right way to drill down to data and present it as valuable Information. Our skill set together with Kronometrix makes us different in this arena.

Short list of Kronometrix benefits:

  • Open Source based where you are not in expensive vendor lock

  • Real-time and event based; in memory database and conservative in memory and CPU usage

  • Scalable from 1RU server to as many nodes and servers you need

  • It can be used On-premises or in Cloud

  • Open source JSON library support many objects for different industries and applications

  • Records data from IoT sensors, computer systems and applications

  • Filter data, builds statistics, generate alarms

  • Use cases delivered such as data-centre providers, computer performance, web performance, end-user performance, indoor air quality

  • Handles numerical, text, log, video, and audio data messages

  • Time series analysis and many other data management functions

  • Powerful dashboards

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