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Systems Monitoring

Analyzing the data

All equipment and systems generate data more and more every day. At the same time, importance of data grows at least as much. The significant question for every organization is, can we utilize that data and make it more valuable in decision making?

Our Monitoring Services can give you facts about systems performance, availability and status of devices including History of data. The services cover needs for data-centre providers, computers, web applications and end-users.


Reporting can be done in a project, or as a service where our experts monitor systems and applications utilizing our Tools and they can fix found problems within agreed service level.

The same data processed in the Monitor toolset is easily utilized in our Analytics Product as well, which gives a deeper and broader view on the data.

Our Monitoring and Analytics Solution is built on open system and standard components witch makes the tool cost-effective. It can process different types of data like numerical, video, audio and application log data. Solution gives real-time measurements, smart alarms and powerful visual dashboards.​

As Tools we are using Nagios and Kronometrix for Monitoring and Analytics needs. 


The Industry Standard In IT Infrastructure Monitoring

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