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Apollo Infinity Ultrasonic Level Monitor

      More IoT Services

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Our comprehensive, secure and inexpensive IoT Solutions help your daily life in financial, social and environmental ways.


Our Solutions make your life easier by watching the situation of your Apartment or your Boat, by informing you about activity and situation of your elderly family members and close ones in their homes and by improving the healthy living, saving costs and helping in proactive House Maintenance.


Our easily adjustable services can be personalized based on your unique needs. 


In our portfolio are wide range of different type of sensors.

Our services include Smart Home Watch, Smart Living Home Watch, Smart House Maintenance Guard and Smart Boat Guard.

Below you can find some significant basic ways to exploit Smart Living in More IoT Services:

Smart Home Watch

Sensors watch your apartment and tell you situation of:

  • Air Quality (Temperature, Humidity, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Small Particles) meaning more healthy and energy saving house

  • Water Leakages to prevent expensive flooding damages

  • Indicated Movements in apartment when you are not present

  • Smoke Detection to detect smoke and gives a warning also in unmanned places

Home Watch Service puts together all information, presents that with historical view and generates notes and alarms when defined thresholds are exceeded.

Learn more in the video below:

Smart Living Home Watch

reduces worries, when elderly or other people live alone, and the close ones would like to know that their situation and activity is normal.

In addition to Home Watch, Active Service gives information if sensors do not detect usual activity in an apartment and informs other people about that abnormal situation.
Our service calms your mind and gives safer feeling without infringing on privacy, like the case is in using cameras to detect unusual activity in the apartment. 

Learn more ​in the following video example:

Smart House Maintenance Guard

Service takes care of things that are important for healthy living, saving costs, and helping in proactive house maintenance such as

  • Liquid Level Monitoring in Tanks to prevent overflow

  • Air Ventilation to keep air healthy 

  • Heating Optimizing to save costs 

  • Moisture of Building Construction to avoid damages

  • Smart Water Meter to keep on eye water consumption

Smart Boat Guard
Service reassures boat owners as they have awareness of things in the boat also after leaving the boat alone. The same Service can be implemented in Caravan or Camper. Potential data sources can be
  • Temperature; too cold or too warm
  • Humidity causes problems for equipment and construction
  • Indoor air measurement to keep staying in boat enjoyable and healthy
  • Movement in boat; is somebody in the boat when you are away
  • Tank level measurement to get notification of high liquid level
  • Water Leakages to alarm if water floods in the boat
  • Tracking on map and send alarm if boat is outside/in predefined area
  • Need to automate different Service Requests for service providers
Learn more ​in the following video example:

In our Smart Asset Tracking Service you can follow your object, track the route on the map, and get notification if the asset is outside predefined area. Asset can be any kind of Vehicle or Item on earth or at sea.



By using our applications you can utilize sensor data with versatile features.


Mobile Application is for current situation and notification presentation whereas in Web Application you can see broader historical visualization of collected sensor data.


Below you can see application examples.

Web Application View
Lampo Kosteus Foxer.PNG
Mobile Application View
Solution Compass_app_view
All these sensors can generate alarms to user according to set threshold values.
Please note, sensors do not need any wired network or electricity connections.


With us, you can sit back and relax, as our More IoT Solutions make sure that your close ones, home, boat and assets are safe and stay in a good condition - regardless of the time and your location.

Contact us below, and let's plan the best IoT Service for Your Needs!

We Are Ready to Make Your Life Easier with Our More IoT Services.

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