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Why Choose Solution Compass?


Solution Compass is an agile company that focus on excellent customer experience.


We are ready to work hard as a team with you to be directed to high standard serviceability and to a Solution which will fulfill your requirements – like a Compass.

We have Passion and Skills to plan and build Sustainable Resolution for your situation. Our people have long experience with computers and information technology. Everyone has worked decades in their own area. 

Racing Driving

Solution Compass offers Solutions to build technical infrastructure of IoT, servers, storage, applications as well as monitor and analyze all kind of data. Thus our Offerings benefit all organizations who would like to get more out of data.


For example, would you like to improve your operations, are key processes recognized and are you always aware of status and serviceability of those processes?


Or would you like to let IoT Technology open for your new possibilities to automate and simplify your processes and improve the quality of life or work environment without complexity or lack of security?

Laptop & Coffee

We are able to drive successfully initiatives and manage projects such as:

  • How to implement, upgrade or migrate your IT infrastructure and automate your processes

  • How to let IoT sensors automate and monitor houses, offices or improve logistics in terms like Smart Building and Asset Tracking

  • Need to improve security of your systems to the desired level

  • Find bottlenecks of your systems performance and availability

  • Need to monitor equipment, computer, data-centre, application and end-user performance

  • Implement Analytics to intelligently manage and utilize data from different sources

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