Internet of Things is playing a growing role in our everyday life. Small sensors and equipment are sending data over net to be processed and connected together in order to give more sophisticated information about status of things or operations.

Solution Compass offers planning, implementation and management of sensors as well as data collection and presentation. In addition to that, we deliver solution to configure alarms, present diagrams, trends and connect data stream into Analytics to help decision making and predict potential behavior of things in scope.

In our portfolio are different type of sensors, as example, to measure temperature, air humidity, carbon dioxide, airflow, room occupancy, GPS etc. Please contact us to answer your special sensor need.

The sensors can be connected to net either via an especial for IoT planned Sigfox network, or via Internet http/https connection. Benefits of Sigfox network: Global in 60 countries, Low cost, Secure, Long range and Reliable. Please read more about Sigfox Network of operator Connected Finland. 

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In all cases, we can build a secure connection from senors to users.


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