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Internet of Things

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Internet of Things is playing a growing role in our everyday life. Small sensors and equipment are sending data over net to be processed and connected together in order to give more sophisticated information about status of things or operations. Until now, there has been difficult to find a concept that offers wide selection of sensors under the same set up being in the same time robust and secure.

Solution Compass offers More IoT solution for that concern with planning, implementation and management of sensors as well as data collection and presentation. In addition to that, we deliver solution to configure alarms, present diagrams and observation trends. 


In our portfolio are wide range of different type of sensors, as example for measurement of

  • temperature, air humidity, carbon dioxide, airflow

  • room occupancy or movements

  • GPS or other location technologies

  • water leakage and liquid level

  • smoke detector in unmanned places

  • requests for different types of services and actions

These sensors do not need wired electricity or network connections which make those easy to locate and mount. Another great benefit is that our sensors last many years without maintenance actions.


The sensors are connected to network using Sigfox network which is planned and build especially for IoT traffic. Sigfox is available in more than 70 countries, and a sensor installed in Finland works automatically in the most of countries in Europe without actions. This network is low cost, secure, offering long range and it is reliable. In Finland Sigfox operator is Connected Finland


Our IoT Solution offer Applications which visualize information from sensors in order to get history of data, diagrams and alarms. There are two ways to see that information: Web Application where you can get more sophisticated view on data, or Mobile Application with a more simple current information from sensors.

There are many ways and possibilities to utilize IoT in different environments. That can be such areas as to have improve healthy living, proactively maintain buildings, monitor rooms and let system to worry about older people, improve office utilization and make it pleasant, track assets and vehicles, monitor water levels etc.

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