Do you need help in planning and implementation of Computing Platform, gain clarification of key Systems Performance and Security, or understand more about Analytics and Automation utilization?

Examples of our Professional Services experience

  • Virtualization of servers, desktops and applications (product examples Vmware, Hyper-V, Oracle VM, VirtualBox)

  • Migrations and consolidation of storage, servers, name servers

  • Backup and recovery (product examples Veeam, Networker,                    NetBackup, Oracle RMAN)

  • Database update and migration (product examples Oracle, Redis, MySQL, Postgresql, DB2)

  • Java projects: Ensure Java based applications are properly configured and tuned for maximum performance

  • Operating system maintenance and security (product examples FreeBSD, Redhat, Suse, Debian, Solaris, HP-UX)

  • Programming and scripts (Bourne shell, awk, sed, tcl/tk, PowerShell, VMware PowerCLI, C, C++, (f)lex, yacc/bison, Java, perl, Lua, python, R, LISP)

  • Improvement of computer and application performance

  • Automation of installations, provisions and migrations

  • Security enhancements of computers and network

  • Analytics and IoT Services to cover Planning, Installation and Maintenance

  • Product Assessments

Professional Services cover both short-term projects and

long-term managed services

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