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ICT Consulting

Do you need help in planning and implementation of Computing Platform, gain clarification of key Systems Performance and Security? Do you need to improve your key Operations?

Examples of our ICT Consulting experience

  • Improvement of computer and application Performance​ and Availability with the first class tools. That can be Automation of IT Operations and Maintenance, or Workflow Improvements to speed up and secure key procedures in areas such as Building Automation, Logistics, Oracle E-Business Suite, SAP, and ServiceNow

  • Specialization in areas such as ICT Capacity Planning, SW Scalability Analysis, Data Science, Systems Programming, System Administration, and Project Lead

  • Security enhancements of computers and network. SIEM implementations, and Advenica Security Offerings: Crypto Products and Cross Domain Solutions.​​ Advenica have the highest accreditation within EU and IP Crypto. Learn more about Advenica:

  • HPE, Linux, Oracle and Java projects. Ensure that Java based applications are properly configured and tuned for maximum performance​​​

Services cover both short-term Projects and long-term Managed Services

Programming Console
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