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Cooperation with Cubesta

Cubesta kuva.png

CEO of Cubesta Ilkka Rainio (left) and CEO of Solution Compass Ilkka Ahola (right) agreed to strengthen cooperation after successful Metsänkuningas house project. The coming new blocks of flats shown in the drawing will be equipped with More IoT solutions, also in new areas of applications.

Cubesta has designed and decorated Quality Homes with over 15 years of experience. Innovative apartments are built with the future in mind, and are ecological and comfortable to live in.

Read the Story about Our Cooperation on Cubesta's Facebook page (in Finnish):

Housing Exhibition in Tuusula, Finland in Summer 2020 

Talokuva alkup.png

Cubesta and Solution Compass agreed to collaborate as Cubesta was building a modern apartment house Metsänkuningas where everyday relief is brought by new opportunities such as environmentally friendly mobility, energy efficiency, and IoT equipment.

The house is equipped with different type of IoT sensors measuring indoor air quality, water leakages, and motion. Sensors and applications were designed and installed by Solution Compass.

Solution Compass became an Industrial Member of Industry / University Cooperative Research Center for Security and Software Engineering (S2ERC)



The Industry/University Cooperative Research Center is a Research Program that enables industrially-relevant, pre-competitive research via a multi-member, sustained partnerships between industry, academy and government. From Finland University parties are University of Oulu, Tampere and Jyväskylä, and Aalto. 


The focus is on the secure cyber ecosystem with credential management, advanced data analysis for cyber defence, ethical user profiling, privacy protection, inline software security testing for developed web applications, and reliable interaction by block chain technology.

Our collaboration Project is called IoT SPACE (Security, Performance, Availability and Cost-Effectiveness).


The focus of the research is on how to improve Security, Performance, Availability and Cost-Effectiveness in Smart House IoT Solutions? That solution should be applicable to larger context as well. The Project started in Summer 2020.

Partnership with Advenica


Advenica´s experience and world-class high assurance Cyber Security Solutions
raise information security and ensure efficient, safe data exchange up to Top Secret classification.


With Advenica's sustainable, future-proof and technologically advanced encryption and segmentation products, networks can be physically separated and information can be securely connected simultaneously. The main Product Areas are Cross Domain Solutions and Network Encryptors.

Solution Compass has signed Partnership Agreement with Advenica in Spring 2020 having Advenica's offerings in our Portfolio.

Partnership with Connected Finland



Connected Finland and Connected Estonia are popular IoT Operators in Finland and in Estonia. Connected Finland is operating nationwide, the dedicated IoT-networks powered by global Sigfox-technology.


It utilizes for IoT specific traffic  and for a wide-reaching signal that passes freely through solid objects, called Ultra Narrowband, and requires little energy, being termed Low-power Wide-area network (LPWAN). 


The network covers already 85 % of Finnish population and hundreds of global and local ecosystem partners are already utilizing Low-Power Wide Area technology in their IoT solutions.

Solution Compass has signed Partnership Agreement with Connected Finland in 2019 having their network and other offerings in our Portfolio.