IoT Examples

Sensor and Application Examples; there are more for different needs
Air Quality Measurement, like
Temperature, Humidity, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Small Particles.
Movement indicator; Either someone has moved in the room
or there have not been movements;
Count of movements
Water Leakage monitoring sensor
that reacts to high or low temperature as well
Asset Tracking with help of GPS.
There are also other methods such as WLAN locating
Smoke Detector that reacts also to high temperature. Especially
useful in rooms where usual alarms are not heard
A small Press Button that can be used to start a request or process, or to monitor asset movements
A Liguid Level monitor sensor to notificate of high liquid level
All these sensors can generate alarms to user according to set threshold values!
Mobile Application View
Web Application View
Asset Tracking on the Map. Asset can be any kind of Vehicle or Item on earth or at sea

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