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If Customer Centricity doesn't harm.


We are for every Organization who would like to strengthen and increase Value of digital Operations.


We will help you to find new Ideas to utilize Data Technology.

Systems Monitoring
Analyzing the data

We have especially good skills and tools what comes to Systems Availability, Performance and Security Monitoring.


Besides Monitoring, we take care of Systems Maintenance Services.


Also Data Analytics is helping to get out more benefits of your system Data.

Solution Compass makes your life easier with the following More IoT Solutions

With our Smart Living Services, you are constantly aware of the situation and health of your home, the people you care the most, or of your assets.


By using our precise sensors, you get quickly and easily information, if something unusual is happening in your house or your boat.


With our new comprehensive, untiring, and inexpensive Smart Living Home Watch Service, you can relax as you know, that your close ones are continuously safe in their house.


See example videos about our Smart Living Services below:

We are Trusted by Well-Known Companies:

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Under our Trade Mark, More IoT, we implement an unique comprehensive IoT Solution including IoT Sensors and Network.


Furthermore, we take care of IoT Data Presentation and Management layers.

We help you to find right way on how to implement IoT in your case. Please see below.

IT Consulting Services
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We carry out projects in areas such as 

Systems Installations, Updates, and

Data Security Improvement actions. 

In addition to this, we have Solutions for Usability evaluation of Applications, Web Services and Games as well as Solution for Workflow Management system.


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